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About Us

RC GLOBAL RESEARCH TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY is a capacity building company that seeks to promote research, training and consultancy in the region and beyond.

Our Values

Professional Excellence: At RC Global Research Training and Consultancy, we provide outstanding professionalism through superb quality services anchored on our profound knowledge and accumulated extensive experience.

Collegiality: We believe in team strength based on mutual respect in delivering our services.

Global Outlook: In pursuant of our mandate we seek to absorb all the best practices in world while at the same time respecting the prevailing local value systems.

Simplicity and Customer Centric: We pride ourselves in streamlining complex concepts by ensuring the message is understood by our clients who are at the heart of our mandate.


Our mission is to be a center of excellence in pioneering research as well as capacitating our clients through unparalleled training and development initiatives in search of sustainable development


Our vision is to become a leading research institute that is at the forefront of promoting research, training and development in Southern Africa in pursuit of sustainable development.


What we offer

Research & Consultancy

We perform science driven applied research projects in the fields of green economy, green energy, green marketing, entrepreneurship, Strategy development, local government, international relations and e-government.
We either run complete research projects or support in collecting or analyzing your data.


We organize tailor made lectures, workshops or courses.
Corporate training services to the public and private sector
Building theory and practice


We have a dedicated director who cultivates innovation and passion to everyone she comes in contact with.

profile picture of Chipo Mukonza

Chipo Mukonza

Managing Director

Chipo Mukonza is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of RC Global Research Training and Consultancy. She holds a PhD in Business Administration from Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. In addition, she holds a Masters In Agriculture and Applied Economics and a Bsc Honours in Economics. Her research focuses on Business and Climate Change, Green Growth transition/indicators, Green entrepreneurship and renewable energy.


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